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Business Reports

Here we have included some Business Reports we have encountered in the course of developing this site.

Be sure to use common sense with some of these reports because:

  • some may be old or have old information
  • some may include (or exclude) certain legal requirements
  • some of the ideas may no longer be as widely accepted as they used to be (by your cusotmers or prospects)

We have only provided these for informative and, hopefully, inspiration for you to develop your own ideas or expound on one of these ideas.

We will be providing our own reports on another page.

21 Steps

     21 Steps to Home Business Success Download 21_Steps_to_Home_Business_Success.doc

Business Financing

     Business Financing How to find Money for your Business Download Business_Financing_How_to_Find_Money_For_Your_Business.doc

Business Plan

     Business Plan for the Home Based Business Download Business_Plan_For_the_Home_Based_Business.doc


     Checklist for Going Into Business Download Checklist_for_Going_Into_Business.doc

Buying and Selling

     Buying and Selling a Small Business Download Buying___Selling_a_Small_Business.doc


     A Bookeeping System That Will Save You Money Download A_BookKeeping_System_That_Will_Save_You_Money.doc

Franchise Checklist

     A Checklist of Questions to Answer Before You Buy a Franchise Download A_Checklist_of_Questions_to_Answer_Before_You_Buy_a_Franchise.doc

Managing Finances

     Financial Management - How to Make a Go Of Your Business Download Financial_Management-How_to_Make_a_Go_Of_Your_Business.doc

Develope Good Credit

     Guerrilla Tactics That Will Give You Good Credit Ratings. Download Guerrilla_Tactics_That_Will_Give_You_a_Good_Credit_Rating.doc


     How and Where To Advertise Download How___Where_to_Advertise-A.doc

Business in my Home?

     How to Accomodate a Home Based Business Download How_to_Accomodate_a_Home_Based_Business.doc

Accomplish Anything

     How to Accomplish Anything You Want In Life Download How_to_Accomplish_Anything_You_Want_In_Life.doc

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