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List Builder Pro
"The Most Trusted Name In List Building."
If you have an email list and you want to double or even triple your opt-in rate, (or even if you're just getting started and you want to start building your own profitable email list), then here's your chance to discover the same proven system that the marketing gurus with the power lists don't want you to know about ...
Who Else Wants To Discover How To Put Your List Building On Auto-Pilot By Having Your New, Targeted And Responsive Opt-In Subscribers Automatically Added To Your Autoresponder Or Web Form For Instant Contact, Plus Block Free Hotmail And Yahoo Email Addresses, And Skyrocket Your Online Sales, Affiliate Commissions And Advertising Profits In The Next 24 Hours ... Guaranteed?

If You Answered "Yes," Then Read On To Discover All The Secrets - Unleashed And Revealed ...

Erik James

Erik James
List Marketing Consultant

ATTENTION : "Now you can finally put your Internet home business into overdrive and start earning a real income ... and do it in record time."

From: Erik James

Subject: Helping YOU Build A Targeted And Responsive Opt-in Email List

t's amazing ...
You're about to discover a very simple formula that will dramatically boost subscriptions to your opt-in email list, and grow your opt in e-mail list at warp speed.

By using this secret weapon, which has been used by thousands of people just like you, you will quickly save loads of time, effort, and money building the opt-in email list of your dreams.

If you have an opt in email list of any kind, or if you simply want to get the word out about a product, service, or offer, then List Builder Pro will help you reach your target audience at an affordable price.

My name is Erik James ...

You may or may not know me. I have been instrumental in helping thousands of email list owners generate over 8,370,000 targeted and responsive opt-in email addresses to their web forms and autoresponders for instant contact.

Some of my clients are well-known and highly respected marketers. For example, I have helped build qualified email lists for:

Mark Joyner
Ewen Chia
Jimmy D. Brown
Keith Wellman
Tellman Knudson
Rick Frishman
Joel Christopher
Marlon Sanders
Mike Merz
Terry Dean
Kevin Donlin
Yanik Silver
Joe Vitale
Ted Ciuba
Robert G. Allen
Bob Gatchel
Tom Antion
Jay Conrad Levinson
David Vallieres
Stone Evans
Mal Keenan
Paul Hartunian
Matt Bacak
Jason Mangrum
and so many more ...

Mark Joyner

Ewen Chia

Jimmy D.

Keith Wellman


Rick Frishman



Mike Merz

Terry Dean

Yanik Silver

Joe Vitale

Ted Ciuba

Robert G. Allen

Bob Gatchel

Tom Antion

Jay Conrad

David Vallieres

Stone Evans

Mal Keenan

Paul Hartunian

Matt Bacak


But don't just take my word for it ...

Here's what Bill White of Denton, TX has to say ...

If you're really serious about growing your business, click to listen to what Bill White from, one of the nation's top ebiz coaches, says about List Builder Pro ...

(Click the play button for an important audio message.)

You Save Loads Of Time, Effort, And Money Building The Opt-In List Of Your Dreams ...

On the Internet these days, there are so many people making ridiculous claims that it's tough to know who to believe. Every day you get bombarded with more and more hype.

Note: You won't find any exclamation points or UPPERCASE words on this page. Why? Because I know you're smarter than that, and frankly I don't need your money. Sure, I hope you'll use List Builder Pro but I won't try to fool you into using List Builder Pro with all kinds of needless hype.

In a moment, you'll discover what List Builder Pro can do for you. But first, here's why you should believe me in the first place:

Proof That List Builder Pro Has Already Dramatically Changed The Businesses And Lives Of Countless People Just LIke You All Around The World ...

The Question Is - Are You Next?

"List Builder Pro is a reliable hands-free way of list building at a reasonable price. The ability to control the number, type of subscribers, plus the different payment options are very much appreciated. I was really surprised when I first entered the members area. The clearly laid out interface and features put my listing's control at my fingertips. I will definitely recommend List Builder Pro to my colleagues."
- Ewen Chia,

"So far, I am extremely IMPRESSED with your service. I cannot believe the amount of subscribers you have brought to The Notary News. Other services I have used in the past will charge me for subscribers, but 90% of them unsubscribe after the first issue. This tells me the service is simply gathering email addresses - not people interested in receiving The Notary News. This past week I published the first issue to the new subscribers that were added from List Builder Pro. I was surprised that I had NO ONE unsubscribe. I plan to remain a loyal customer for many months to come."
- Victoria Ring,

Excellent customer service and an easy-to-use website. List Builder Pro offer lots of options and valuable add-ons. I have used other lead generation services, but I seemed to get lots of subscribers who were angry about being subscribed - as if the email addresses were culled from somewhere. Not so with List Builder Pro. Since using List Builder Pro, I've built my list to 3,000 subscribers. Great list growth, reliable forecasting, and reliable customer service.
- Kim Stacey,

With List Builder Pro I have fewer opt outs and the results are very targeted. I had 12-14 subscribers until I signed up with List Builder Pro, and now I have over 1200 subscribers and growing in just a couple of months. Not bad for a beginner. With List Builder Pro you don't need customer support because there is zero maintenance and my subscriber list grows constantly. But being a beginner I had to ask Erik one question by email, and he answered it in less than 30 minutes. If you want to make money you need customers. If you want customers you need List Builder Pro.
- Lester Steveson,

"I decided to use List Builder Pro because I read about the service in an ebook that I bought, and I also noticed many familiar names are using the service. The best part is the choice of double or triple opt-in email addresses."
- Leo Hermanto, Author of "Intended For Success"

"I decided to use List Builder Pro because I wanted to quickly add responsive double opt-in email addresses to my list. Plus, you offer a wide variety of "niches" to choose from, and the customer support is 100%. Other lead generation services sent me a ton of undeliverables. Most subscribers were worthless, and there were too many complaints. With List Builder Pro I can "weed" out "junk" email addresses, and in just 30 days I've added over 1000 double opt-in email addresses to my list. I really like the easy use of your system - all subscribers are sent directly to my autoresponder. If you want fresh, responsive double opt-in subs, this is place to get them."
- Gary Baker,

"I was so impressed with the fact that I could sit back, relax and the subscribers that I paid for would come. I could concentrate on other aspects of my business. The best part is I can weed out people who have free email accounts and target the countries that I most want to concentrate my target audience. With pay-per-click search engines you pay the SAME amount per month and sit and pray that people will subscribe. With List Builder Pro, you can be rest assured that you will get the number of subscribers you paid for. The time difference between America and Malaysia can be frustrating but what amazes me is that they keep to their promise of answering in 24 hours. Even during the trial period alone I had at least 100 subscribers. Once I signed up, the number of new subscribers soared. Use this product. List Builder Pro lessens the burden - especially if you just starting out."
- Aneeta Sundararaj,

"Stone Evans and my sponsor suggested I try List Builder Pro. I have only used one other similar service, but their instructions were not clear, and I kept on getting sales related emails which were very pushy. Their services was not as professional as List Builder Pro. I like the friendliness, the honesty, the non-pushy service of List Builder Pro. Plus, the customer service and support is excellent and professional. My list is now growing at a comfortable and steady pace thanks to List Builder Pro. This is undoubtedly the best list building program and the best value for your money."
- Robert Middleton,

"List Builder Pro is a legitimate provider of names, and very good quality. I was very satisfied with the quality of the names. Of the 490 received, only 27 bounced and 13 unsubscribed. Plus, the customer service and support is excellent. Your personalized customer service is excellent. If I ever have problems with the technical aspects, Erik is always available to help me. There were absolutely no problems. I found List Builder Pro very good. Many thanks for your good service."
- Ramon Greenwood,

"Stone Evans suggested two services he liked best for leads. I tried them both and List Builder Pro won hands down for sure. List Builder Pro is faster, more evenly distributed, and much more reliable. In a very short time, I went from no one to advertise to, to having nearly a thousand leads. And, I have had hardly any opt-outs. I love this place. List Builder Pro is more bang for your buck, and the reliability and quality can't be beat. Your doing a super job."
- Carol Bolt,

"Top notch results AND quality service. These are the earmarks of the most successful companies and your organization delivers both. In less than two months my list jumped from 1200 to 5000 subscribers. I've been very excited about this growth and the fact that my investment is saving me hours of searching for places to link my list. I look forward doing business together for a long time."
- Louise Morganti Kaelin,

"Working with List Builder Pro has been a huge, pleasant surprise. Their service is fast and personable. Your prices are the best I've seen - this is REAL results-based marketing. Instead of blowing $250 on an ezine ad or a pay-per-click search engine listing that MIGHT bring in a few hundred subscribers, I can get more than 1,000 subscribers with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. I'm blown away. Their combination of service and results makes List Builder Pro the best marketing resource I've found in a long time."
- Kevin Donlin,

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Listen, some of these customer reviews and success stories do represent exceptional results, and your results will vary. However, let me say this: I lose orders to some of my competitors because I don't make outrageous claims. Just the facts. I'm hoping you realize that claims like these are totally bogus.

Fact : People won't tell you a product is good if it isn't.

Our 45 pages of customer reviews and success stories are from members who are simply expressing their honest opinions. They're not resellers or personal friends. And, they don't have hidden agendas for endorsing List Builder Pro.

People sometimes ask me: "Erik, are those real testimonials?" Of course they are. Why make them up when I get 3-5 new ones every week? I've got pages and pages of rave reviews that haven't even been published. Besides, making up testimonials is fraudulent and against the law.

Okay, here's the deal ...

One: I'm NOT going to promise you 50,000 opt-in email addresses in a month or 2,000 a day. That's just more hype. I probably don't know you, so I can't guarantee such an outrageous claim.

Two: Several hundred email list owners just like you have used List Builder Pro for 3 or more years. Several hundred more people have used List Builder Pro for at least 3 months.

You know the old saying, "People don't pay money for nothing." Think about it ...

List Builder Pro had better send you targeted and responsive opt-in email addresses. Otherwise, we would be doing you and your business a disservice. The negative feedback and publicity just isn't worth the risk of providing you with anything but verified and confirmed names and email address.

Three: My best, long-term member, Robert Allen, has a net worth exceeding several million dollars. Robert is the author of two of the best selling financial books in history (both #1 New York Times best sellers), "Nothing Down" and "Creating Wealth." Robert's books have sold over 2.5 million copies, and over 150,000 people have attended his wealth seminars. Over just a few short months, List Builder Pro helped Robert grow his email list by more than 57,000 opt-in email addresses.

Another high-profile member, Mark Joyner, is a #1 best-selling author of over a dozen books translated in almost as many languages. He is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of e-commerce, responsible for inventing, pioneering, and popularizing many of the technologies we take for granted today (including remotely-hosted ad tracking, electronic books, integration Marketing, and more). List Builder Pro delivers over 10,000 opt-in subscribers to Mark each and every month like clockwork.

How many people selling crash courses like "How To Build The Email List of Your Dreams" have even one client in the real world? Not to mention best-selling authors and multi-millionaires?

Four: I don't hide behind a fake mailing address or a bogus email address. My members have been able to reach me easily using the same contact information for many years now, and it isn't going to change anytime soon.

This is the only list building program of its kind with 45 pages of customer reviews and success stories from real people just like you. These testimonials are NOT made up. They are from real people who have used List Builder Pro and who have experienced fantastic results.

Look, anybody can put together a bunch of phony testimonials. But I give you my word of honor that these success stories are absolutely genuine and legitimate ...

Our members just send me these to express their thanks, and I'm reprinting them here for you. In a second, I'm going to explain how your can benefit from the power of List Builder Pro, but first, read these ...

"I decided to join List Builder Pro because the extensive sub-category list made me feel confident that my ezine would be seen by relevant prospects only. Having the filtered subscribers sent straight to my autoresponder and delivered immediately is a great option. You have managed to make a large website seem very personal and yet very professional. Finally, I like the generous referral commissions - it shows confidence in the product/service."
- Michelle Timothy,

"I have used everything on the Internet to promote my service ... List Builder Pro is getting me the BEST and CHEAPEST subscribers FAST."
- Frederik van Duuren,

"I had tried pay-per-click search engines, targeted ezine advertising, posting to newsgroups, submitting articles, online classified ads, subscribe forms on every page of my site - all with limited success. With List Builder Pro my list sign-up rate has increased by over 1000% with the same investment. And the best part is I KNOW I'm going to get the number of double opt-in email addresses that I need every month guaranteed. Thank you for breathing new life into my Internet business."
- Rick Baker,

"In our efforts to build the circulation of the FrequentFlier Crier list, List Builder Pro has been a consistently dependable, cost-effective source of qualified subscribers. And in sharp contrast to some co-reg providers, the customer service is top notch. Highly recommended."
- Tim Winship,

Okay, let's get down to the good stuff ...

(You probably already have an email list (or you're ready to start building an email list one) or you wouldn't be reading this.)

If You're Interested In Cashing In On The Internet Boom Like You Never Thought Possible, Then You Must Build Your Opt-In Email List ...

It's that simple. Anybody making serious money on the Internet proves it. They all focus on building their opt-in email list. They know that once you have a list of loyal subscribers that you can solicit regularly, then you're in control.

You see, the more leads, prospects and subscribers you have, the more money you can make. Your email list is more than just an asset - it's a potential gold mine ... and it's all yours. The true value of any email list lies in the quality and quantity of its readers.

Newsletters, ezines, ecourses, special reports, etc. tend to draw an attentive and responsive audience. And, the larger your audience, the more money you can command from advertisers.

"Who Benefits From The Power
Of List Builder Pro?"

You can benefit from List Builder Pro if you're sending ANY of these 12 items by email:

Newsletters (Text or HTML)
Ezines (Text or HTML)
E-Courses (Text or HTML)
Marketing Tips
Announcements of Any Kind
HTML Email Promotions
Text-Only Email Promotions
Affiliate Announcements
Customer Service Responses
Order Confirmation Emails
Affiliate Updates
Follow Up Autoresponder Messages

But building a list takes time, effort, and money ...

So, what's the quickest and cheapest way to build your email list goldmine?

Well, that's where List Builder Pro comes in ...

Now You Can Put Your List Building On Auto-Pilot And Reduce The Effort Out Growing Your Opt-In List ...

List Builder Pro is a lead generation service - also commonly known as a pay-per-subscriber or co-registration service - where multiple email lists appear on our high-traffic website,

Thousands of people visit the website every day, searching through the dozens of categories (and hundreds of sub-categories) of their choice. They can then request free email subscriptions to (or more information about) one or more newsletters, ezines, offers, etc. at the same time which dramatically increases the volume of opt-ins while reducing the overall cost.

(You're invited to check out and see it in action for yourself.)

I have a question for you ...

Rather than spending your valuable time and money trying to drive traffic to your website so that someone *might* subscribe to your email list, why not reduce your costs and instead pay for only those subscribers who actually make the effort and take the time to opt-in?

Do you see what I'm getting at?

Instead of blowing money on ezine ads or pay-per-click search listings that might bring in a few hundred subscribers, with List Builder Pro you pay only for confirmed, opt-in email addresses.

Prices among pay-per-subscriber services are similar, but there's a reason why leading marketers and small business entrepreneurs just like you continue to use List Builder Pro ...

Many other lead generation services provide you with nothing more than lackluster email addresses which are often shared among 3-5 other buyers. Well, that's not how we operate ...

List Builder Pro provides you with confirmed, opt-in subscriber who have specifically requested a subscription to YOUR newsletter or ezine (or more information about the product, service, or affiliate program you're promoting). And, as a result, these filtered and targeted email addresses are much more responsive to your offers.

Plus, by using List Builder Pro, your list will start growing at warp speed. And, best of all, I promise you that I will beat anyone's advertised price for comparable services and quality.

You Can Easily Integrate List Builder Pro With Any Autoresponder Or Web Form ...

When someone requests a subscription to your list, their name and email address (including IP address and date stamp) is automatically sent to your primary email address, or your autoresponder or web form, for instant contact.

The following autoresponder programs and services are fully compatible with List Builder Pro:

AutoResponse Plus
Email Aces
Smart Autoresponder
Royal Responder

In fact, List Builder Pro can send your new prospects names and email addresses to any autoresponder or web form.*

(Say goodbye to manually adding each of your new subscribers to your email list every day.)

And rest assured, List Builder Pro does not harvest email addresses. All subscribers are new prospects who will specifically request a subscription to YOUR newsletter or ezine (or more information about the product/service/affiliate program you're promoting). The email addresses passed along to you are, without exception, confirmed, opt-in email addresses.

* Aweber and GetResponse will not accept confirmed opt-ins subscribers from any co-registration or lead generation service. As an alternative, Aweber and GetResponse users who want to use co-registration should consider using an alternative autoresponder service. Many of our current members now use our in-house Smart Autoresponder (unlimited autoresponders) which is fully integrated with List Builder Pro, and available in the Members Area.

"Are You Still Skeptical?"

Are you wondering if List Builder Pro can really deliver? That's what Gunnar Berglund of Jarfalla, Sweden thought. But Louise tried List Builder Pro anyway. And here's what he says now ...

"Most people are very skeptical about harvested email lists. But, with List Builder Pro, I receive a regular list of new subscribers who have opted-in to my own list, and they're automatically delivered to my autoresponder. In just 2 days I have received over 60 new subscribers. I just love the whole concept and the ease of how List Builder Pro works. Plus, the online control panel is very easy to use. I've reviewed other similar services but I don't think any of them are as good as List Builder Pro. List Builder Pro is your best option."
- Gunnar Berglund,

"Do You Know The Answers
To This Pop Quiz?"

If you're still not sure which lead generation service is right for you, then take a quick minute to read the answers to these common questions asked by marketers and small business entrepreneurs just like you:

"Lead generation programs deliver too many worthless free email addresses like and"

True False

"Adding (importing) email addresses to my autoresponder takes time and can be a huge hassle, but there's really no way around it."

True False

"A simple subscription form on my Web page is my smartest choice if I'm on a tight budget because I can always switch to a lead generation program later."

True False

"Regardless of which lead generation program I use, I still can't be certain that the leads I receive have actually requested a subscription to my newsletter (or more information about my offer)."

True False

Here's More Compelling Reasons Why You Should Choose List Builder Pro ...

List Builder Pro Serves More Advertisers Than Any Other Company

Every day, List Builder Pro manages more subscription requests, for more list owners and advertisers, than any other pay-per-subscriber network.
Nobody Beats List Builder Pro's Quality

With hundreds of filters, plus opt-in processes that validate each and every subscription request, List Builder Pro is fanatical about quality.
Nobody Beats List Builder Pro's Prices

With the largest and most-efficient systems for generating opt-in subscriptions, List Builder Pro keeps your costs as low as possible. List Builder Pro's 155% Price Guarantee will beat anyone's advertised price for comparable services and quality.
Nobody Beats List Builder Pro's Customer Service

75% of all inquiries are answered within one hour, and all inquiries are answered within 24 hours, including weekends. Support is available by email, AOL Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ and IRC.
Nobody Beats List Builder Pro's Choice Selection

List Builder Pro is the only service of its kind that offers you the choice of single opt-in, double opt-in, or triple opt-in email addresses. Plus your email list can be listed in over 1,100 relevant categories.

"I wanted a sure fire method of list building, with proven results for a set budget. List Builder Pro does that. I like the fact that I can expect a certain result for my advertising dollars. It's hard to find that kind of result on a regular basis anywhere else. List Builder Pro gives me targeted subscribers who are interested in what my list has to offer. Stop wasting time with other methods that eat up your time and money and provide mediocre if not downright poor results. Use List Builder Pro."
- Vincent Czaplyski,

"I talked to a fellow ezine publisher who told me I ought to try List Builder Pro. It's really easy. I just wait for the subscribers to come and they appear. Because of the double or triple opt-in offers, the interest that your new subscribers have in your service or products is much greater than other lead generation services. Other lead generation services provided subscribers which had little interest in my products and services. The quality of the subscribers is high, the support is great, and these high-quality subscribers come to me, I don't have to hunt them down. List Builder Pro makes it easy."
- Mark Brandenburg,

"Reputation and the recommendation of people I trust were good enough reasons to try List Builder Pro. You guys are fair, you offer the best price, and the subscribers are high-quality. Since I started using List Builder Pro, I have seen a great increase in subscriber responsiveness."
- Jack Humphrey,

"I like that I can choose from single, double or triple opt-in email addresses. Plus, I can add extra features, and change the amount, or type, of leads that I purchase each month. The Web interface to change options is very good and simple to use. My list has grown from 0 to 300 in just two weeks. And, the price for your leads is very competitive. List Builder Pro is easy to use, flexible, and value for money. Very professional."
- Suzanne Morrison,

"Other lead generation services take a long time to get subscribers. List Builder Pro is easy to use and delivery is fast. Plus, you over deliver which is always welcome. Plus, there are very few unsubscribes. The best part is the "set it and forget it" automatic import to my autoresponder. I will definitely recommend List Builder Pro. It's fast, accurate and delivers what they promise."
- Lars Hanning,

"We were looking for a service that was reputable and had great customer service. We found both with List Builder Pro - prompt responses and very helpful. The Member Center provides great information, and allows for customization - extremely efficient and easy to use. If you're looking for a list building service, use List Builder Pro."
- Stephanie Downs,

"I wanted to buy real double opt-in email addresses for my ezine so I chose List Builder Pro because many people I respect and trust recommended you. I have used one other co-reg service but the quality of subscribers was poor and they were 3 times as much money. Plus, the customer support and being able to talk to someone on the MSN Messenger impressed me (other co-reg services don't offer this helpful and practical feature). I recently wrote an article about building your own opt-in list and I recommended List Builder Pro to those who want to build a quality list faster."
- Colin Meunier,

"I've bought lists before, but they're very unreliable and untargeted. It's dangerous if you don't know who you're mailing to, especially if they haven't opted-in. I'm not interested in joining bogus programs or playing games just so I can get subscribers to my ezine. Other lead generation services have resulted in higher unsubscribe rates, and the number of subscribers I get is erratic and not targeted. List Builder Pro gives me satisfaction knowing that I'm getting qualified, interested, targeted subscribers. I belong to other ezine co-ops and I run ads to get subscribers, but with List Builder Pro I don't have to do anything. Plus, the customer support is great - prompt replies and very courteous and helpful. I will recommend List Builder Pro to all my publisher friends who need subscribers. As they say, "You get what you pay for." Anything that is real or effective online costs money. If you want real subscribers coming in consistently, then List Builder Pro can get them for you cost-effectively."
- George Armstrong,

"With other lead generation services, I had to manually import leads and had zero control over the quality of those leads. With List Builder Pro I get subscribers into my autoresponder automatically and immediately. List Builder Pro is the best method I've seen for getting quality subscribers to your list."
- Eric Dill,

"Your system is excellent - List Builder Pro is best co-reg system I've seen."
- Mike Merz,

Imagine The Top Notch Quality You'll Get When You Take Advantage Of All Of These Exclusive List Builder Pro Benefits ...

(Click the links for more info.)

Geographical Targeting
Domain Blocking
Email Filtering
Unlimited Autoresponders
Autoresponder Delivery
Web Form Delivery
List Host Delivery
Web Server Delivery
No Duplicates
No Bounces or Undeliverables
Refund For Unsubscribes
"Fudge Factor" Rebate
Password-Protected Members Area
Real-Time Account Changes
Automatic Data Backup
Statistical Reporting
and so much more ...

"Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?"

You bet. Take a look at these numbers ...

If you were to place an standard text ad in an email newsletter with a readership of 10,000 subscribers (at a generous rate of $10.00 per 1,000 readers) then your cost would be $100. A good response rate of about 1% would generate 100 new subscribers at best. That works out to at least $1 per subscriber.

On the other hand, for just $, I will personally guarantee you 500 new opt-in email addresses (plus we always over-deliver so you'll actually receive 525 opt-ins). Now we're talking because now you're paying just cents per subscriber. Our rock-bottom rates and guaranteed quality are second to none. You just can't beat that combination.

Plus, I promise you that I will beat anyone's advertised price for comparable services and quality.

"List Builder Pro is the ONLY program recommended by top eMarketers for purchasing guaranteed opt-in spam-free subscribers. Subscribers, not leads. That makes ALL the difference in the world. I get subscribers that know they are subscribing to MY list ... TRULY targeted specifically to my program ... NOT just a bunch of generic leads. With other services I get spam complaints, bounces, spam complaints, not targeted subscribers. Pay for targeted subscribers, NOT generic leads. Unlike generic leads, List Builder Pro really delivers. Go PRO with List Builder Pro."
- Jim Mitchell,

"I decided to use List Builder Pro because of the convenience of being in control of my campaign. My past experiences with other co-reg services has been that all the subscribers they sent me were useless due to bad addresses, lots of spam complaints daily, and subscribers denying that they never signed up. List Builder Pro, on the other hand, is a sure-fire way of increasing your subscription list with targeted leads."
- Beverly Suarez,

"I've used before and their level of customer service, attention to details, and quality of subscribers were not as impressive. Fear of spam accusation, higher pricing, and follow-up customer service were my biggest concerns. I decided to use List Builder Pro because of the tons of testimonials from many well-known, reputable Internet marketers. Also, the amazing range of customizable features for individual needs are very well thought out and useful."
- Ewen Chia,

"I had no subscribers and wasn't generating enough traffic so I decided to use List Builder Pro because of Terry Dean's recommendation. List Builder Pro is a fantastic way to build a list, you can control the budget, and it's highly automated. The great thing about List Builder Pro is I can automatically send my new subscribers to my autoresponder. "
- Jeff Tormey,

"I have used PushButtonLeads and ListOpt to build my list, but List Builder Pro gave me the best results in the shortest amount of time. I do not get the same response when I list my ezine with other services. List Builder Pro out performs all other co-reg services. The great numbers of signups I receive each day through your service is 5 times more than I have received from other co-reg services. I will definitely recommend List Builder Pro to my colleagues."
- Michelle Timothy,

"List Builder Pro makes it very easy to make changes to my listing via the control panel. And, the month-to-date accounting of subs with every delivery makes it easy for me to see where I'm at with marketing. These are some of the key features which I didn't find with other lead generation services. I would certainly recommend List Builder Pro to my colleagues as a very reliable service."
- Ulli Niemann,

"You can build up your opt-in list the "traditional" way - slow but free - or you can get a huge head start with List Builder Pro. What a brilliant idea."
- Erifili Davis,

"With other lead generation services that I've used, I've always gotten a large number of invalid email addresses and bounce-backs on my first mailing. The lead cleansing, domain selection, and geographical area tools make it really easy to ensure that you aren't just getting a bunch of billybobs@domaindoesntexist.timbuktu. This is a really valuable feature that many of the other lead generation services don't offer. It literally guarantees that you're getting what you pay for. Plus, the automation tools available make lead management a breeze."
- Rick Baker,

"List Builder Pro certainly delivers as promised. And on top of that the leads are sound and safe. Every address is confirmed with date stamp and IP address. During my short period of subscription I have already made a good profit from my list. I absolutely recommend List Builder Pro."
- Case Stevens,

The countless success stories that I've received are proof that List Builder Pro is truly the best co-registration program on the Web.

And it can do the same for you too ...

With one click, you'll get as many qualified opt-in email addresses as you want, day after day, month after month… and they can be delivered to your autoresponder or web form (capture page or landing page) immediately.

Okay, Let's Wrap This Up ...

Here's What You Get With Your New Exclusive Membership ...

Let's review again everything you'll receive with your new membership ...

You choose from single, double or even triple opt-in email addresses (including names, ip addresses, and date stamps)
Responsive leads that specifically request a subscription to (or more information about) YOUR offer
Instant delivery to your autoresponder or web form
Block unwanted email addresses from AOL, Yahoo! and Hotmail
Only target email addresses from the country domains of your choice
You only receive unique email addresses (no duplicate email addresses)
No bounces or undeliverable email addresses

Best of all, List Builder Pro works hard for you day and night inviting and confirming new subscribers to your email list even while you sleep.

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  • No more duplicate mailings
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It's not hard to see that the Easy List Cleaner is a remarkable tool that all email list owners should have in their toolbox.

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Exclusive Bonus #3 - List Building 101
List Building 101 ($47 value)

Discover all the information you need to start building your own opt-in list today. With List Building 101 - Building Your List From A to Z you'll learn ...

  • Why you should have your own opt-in list
  • Lead generation
  • All about hosting, autoresponders, lead capture pages
  • How to create a responsive list that trusts you
  • Using giveaways to build your list fast and free
  • Reliable sources for everything you will need
  • And much more!

    There are tricks and steps to follow to build your own responsive opt-in list. We provide you with exactly what you really need to know and how to put those things to use.

Exclusive Bonus #4 - Million Dollar Emails
Million Dollar Emails ($19 value)

The power of email marketing is truly the "killer app" of the internet. If you dropped me anywhere in the world with just a dial-up connection, I guarantee that within 24 hours I could generate an immediate cash surge for you. How? Just by sending out a simple email. It's true. Once you know the secret of using email marketing - it's literally like having the power to create cash on demand. Imagine, anytime you need more money, you just hit send! This new resource reveals the amazing secrets behind the net's most successful email campaigns.

Exclusive Bonus #5 - Sonic Opt-In
Sonic Opt-In ($39 value)

Here's the secret to growing your opt-in list fast -- and filled with laser targeted prospects! Sonic Opt-In is a piece of software that lets you fill in some blank fields and in just four steps you'll generate a complete forced opt-in page.

Some of the main features of Sonic Opt-In include ...

  • Steps 1 through 4 create your opt-in page, then only 2 steps to get it up and running on your site!
  • Audio can be included in your opt-in page -- a special control is included. You can also choose whether the audio is autostart or manual start.
  • Would you like a series of bullets in your copy? (These things you're reading now are bullets.) Special bullet editor allows you to include as many as you like!
  • The prospects name and email are required.
  • People who have already opted in are taken automatically to your sales page -- no getting stuck behind the opt-in page again!
  • Prospect can be taken to a special page targeted exactly to their interests.
  • Depending on the prospects answers, subscribe them to different autoresponders. Now you can create sub-niche lists with ease!
  • Personalize your sales page -- when you use the prospect's first name in your copy it increases conversions, [fname].
  • Use one of the built-in HTML templates or create your own.
  • Works with AutoResponse Plus, 1 Shopping Cart, Email Aces, etc., most of the major autoresponder services. Just requires the ability to subscribe to a list via an email address.
  • Even works without an autoresponder account for people who are just interested in the personalization feature.

Exclusive Bonus #6 - Landing Page Success Guide
Landing Page Success Guide ($37 value)

Learn how to create your very own lead sucking masterpiece and build your mailing list at warp speed. You'll get unrestricted private label rights to this product including .pdf .doc and .psd files.

Exclusive Bonus #7 - 10,000 Words & Phrases That Sell
10,000 Words & Phrases That Sell ($19 value)

This ebook is a massive collection of ten thousand magic words and phrases that will grab your prospect's attention, influence them to visit your website and persuade them to buy your product!

Exclusive Bonus #8 - Ezine Marketing Magic
Ezine Marketing Magic ($47 value)

Here's how you can start making serious money right away by creating a simple little ezine that practically forces your customers to whip out their wallet and buy whatever you're offering. Now you can easily earn a lot of money with your very own publications, once you know these secrets.

Exclusive Bonus #9 - Personalize Your Website
Personalize Your Website ($47 value)

Discover how you can instantly improve the response rate of your website and your autoresponder follow-up messages or mailing list ... and increase your sales by a whopping 300%.

Exclusive Bonus #10 - Magic Subscriber
Magic Subscriber ($79 value)

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