Rules for placing Ads

Classified Ads


Rules for placing ANY Ads on EZDAZE

  • Free ads will be posted upon submission and will be reviewed later. Any ads that do not follow the rules listed below will be removed or rejected.

  • Placing a paid Classified Ad:
    1. Paid ads will be submited for approval on the site you wish your ad to be placed.
    2. When your ad is approved you will be sent an invoice by email which is payable through.PayPal (Credit Cards or PayPal accounts will be processed on the PayPal Website).
    3. When payment has been processed and completed your ad will be posted and you will be notified. (This process may take up to 48 hours)
The following rules apply to all ads on EZDAZE whether paid or free:
  • "Paid Ads" will not be posted until payment is completely processed.
  • All ads MUST belong in the category where they are submitted. (We may create a category, if your ad does not fit into any current categories, at our descretion).
  • Current Fees are posted on the "Home Page" of the Classified Ad, store or sales webpages where you are submitting your ad or purchasing your product or service. (This may vary for different EZDAZE classifeds offered).
  • All ads must be appropriate for family viewing (all ages).
  • No ads may contain any of the following:
    • Any reference to, or links to any ADULT website or dating or "Personals" websites or areas.
    • Any reference or links to illegal or immoral websites, illegal or immoral businesses, illegal or immoral pictures or images, or illegal or immoral software.
    • Any reference or links to any on-going business venture or for-profit venture that is on-going (legal or otherwise) unless pre approved by EZDAZE. Request approval HERE!
  • Payments for refused or rejected PAID ads will be refunded, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF ANY AD NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES LISTED HERE.
    • Any direct violation of these rules will be considered open to penalty from EZDAZE.
    • This is subject to our own interpretation of these rules.
    • Refunds in the case of any violation will be determined by EZDAZE and may be in full, partial or no refund at all.

We reserve the right to to refuse or reject any ad for any reason listed above

or for no given reason.