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Membership for 25% OFF Membership for 25% OFF

As a Member YOU will enjoy a 25% discount of all your purchases throughout the next year off all (over 3,000) the products in YOUR catalogues.Only $9.95!

Open House Representative Open House Representative

Time to get BUSY!

As a Party Planner or Open House Representative you not only enjoy up to 40% off, but, YOU also receive all the materials, manuals,supply cataolgues and hosting aids you will need to get your own business off to a great start. All for Only $29.95

Wholesale Distributor Wholesale Distributor


As a Wholesale distributor you will have such large margin (up to 50% off) you will be able to provide products to retailers at a 40% discount and develope other people (Open House Representative and your own Party Planners) to increase your volume. All relevant manuals, price lists (at all levels), supply catalogues and order forms for developing YOUR business to the fullest. You will also be gain immediate access to our TOP SELLERS page at a 40% discount! ALL FOR ONLY $49.95 a year!

Plus E-books and other bonuses we don't have the space to list here.

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