EZDAZE Privacy Policy

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EZDAZE Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us!

We don't like spam any more than anyone else

and do not want to provide you with the opportunity to receive any more!

The following policy applies to any and all shared information you provide to EZDAZE.


  • Any information you provide to us will be held in confidence to the best of our abilty and in any and all ways possible.
  • Information included in the "context" of any ad will, by it's intent, be available to all users on the internet.
  • Information not included in the "context" (or content) of the ads, given in the course of registering for any service or newsletter or provided in helping you with your purchased product or service,¬†will only be available to the administrator and will not be sold, traded or given to anyone else, unless mandated by law or in the course of any legal action.
  • We reserve the right to contact you by email in the course of business transactions or for updates or special offers we may have available.
  • Any contact made from us will not exceed more than once or twice per month, except in the course of business tansactions (ad approvals or rejections, notification of payment processing or tracking number(s) or suggestions to alter your ad).